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What we believe: We believe that all people in Canada, no matter their income, deserve decent, safe housing they can afford and that the federal government has a responsibility to help ensure this need is met.

What we want: We want the federal government to reinvest in social housing for the low-income households who need it, a responsibility they have accepted for over 50 years and are now abdicating.

Who we are: The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) is the national voice for the full range of affordable housing and homelessness issues and solutions across Canada. Our members collectively house and shelter hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and provide housing support to many more. CHRA believes every Canadian should have a decent, adequate and affordable place to call home. 

Our ask of you: This campaign will only be successful when the federal government hears many voices calling for reinvestment in social housing for low-income individuals and families. Add Your Voice by adding your name to our list of supporters.

Yes! I believe that all people in Canada, no matter their income, deserve decent, safe housing they can afford and I call on the federal government to reinvest in the social housing programs that meet that need. I want Housing For All!

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