Federal election campaign officially kicked off - Get ready for the National Week of Action on Housing Sept 23-30

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Participants of the Vote Housing for All (VH4A) Network will be taking part in the National Week of Action on Housing from September 23 to 30th. Through various means, groups and organizations of all types from across the country are invited to play a role in increasing awareness of affordable and social housing as an election issue during that week.
”Action” on housing issues can take many forms: organize a roundtable with regional candidates, hold a press conference, organize a public march, write an op-ed for your local paper, take out digital or traditional ads of key messages, highlight commitments of those candidates pledging to champion federal re-invesment in housing, door knock to encourage Canadians to vote based on housing platforms, etc.
The VH4A Network is happy to highlight any such activities on its housing4all.ca news and activity feed.
The Vote Housing for All Network is made up of dozens of national, regional, and local groups and associations located throughout Canada, all aiming to make affordable and social housing a federal election issue in 2015. Although participants of the Network might have slightly different mandates and stakeholders, we all support:
               1. the development of a national housing strategy;
               2. the recognition that housing is a human right; and,
               3. federal re-investment in housing
Furthermore, the Network agrees that the federal government must invest in housing with a minimum of $2 billion annually to maintain social housing stock.

Join us in making housing a key election issue in 2015!

For more information, please email:  righttohousingcoalition@gmail.com