The following quotes illustrate the social housing conversations taking place across Canada and, importantly, help build the case for more focus on the issue.  Whether directly asking for more investment in social housing or addressing larger, societal problems that encompass that need, there are many organizations, individuals and governments speaking out - and their words help build momentum for the change that is required.


Canadian Mental Health Association


“Affordable housing is an investment in health promotion and illness prevention. When a person has adequate housing they experience fewer health problems and are able to devote more of their income to adequately feed and clothe themselves and their family.”

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Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada

"Too many people in Canada are forced to choose between paying their rent or feeding their families."

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Sharad Kerur, Executive Director, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

“Vacancy rates are tightening up and rental demand is expanding. An aging population, increased levels of immigration and future economic conditions will all play a role in determining rental housing needs in the years ahead – and it will be up to local communities and senior governments to help meet those needs.”

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Harvey Cooper, Managing Director, CHF Canada Ontario Region

“We know that housing is a fundamental building block of people’s lives. I worry about families being forced to choose between paying for the necessities of life, putting food on the table and paying the rent.”

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J. David Hulchanski, Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto (2003)

“The lack of affordable housing cuts significant numbers of Canadians off from supportive communities, access to employment and, indeed, from the exercise of their citizenship rights. Quite apart from the morality of the situation, this represents an enormous waste of human potential with serious consequences for the community at large.”

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