What is the Canadian housing strategy

Canada is a place that many like to call home. Having a roof over the head is a basic human necessity and the Canadian government recognizes that need and has adopted many strategies throughout the years to help turn that need from a dream into a reality. These strategies have taken into account a broad range of conditions, ranging from circumstances of the persons involved to the one the entire country is/was and will be in.

The problem of homelessness in Canada

Canada is a country in a state of great flux. Being a First World nation has meant that it is one of the first to experience the effects of ever-shifting global events. This has been all the more true in recent years; dramatic changes in worldwide economic, geopolitical and technological fronts have led to seismic shifts in the way Canadians go about their lives.

Current state of housing

The housing sector of Canada has been one of the great changes throughout its history, flowing with the ebb and tide of the circumstances of the moments it has been in. From the Building Era post the Second World war to the withdrawal during the recessions of the 1930’s, 80’s and 2008, its architecture has been continually morphed into the shape it is currently in. And it’s looking to undergo some more changes for the challenging times ahead.